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5 Tips to Make Your Concrete Patio Safer

Concrete Patio
Having a concrete patio can be nice; it can give you and your family a place to hang out and relax when the weather is comfortable. Plus, your patio might be your favorite spot for hosting guests. One thing that you could be worried about, though, is someone getting hurt while hanging out in your patio area. If this is a concern, consider these tips to make your patio
​area safer.

1. Remove and Replace Your Old Patio

The first thing that you should do when determining whether or not your patio area is safe is to determine if it needs to be replaced. Even though you might enjoy your patio area, it could be showing signs of wear and tear. If the concrete only has minor damage, you may be able to have it repaired. If it's really old and worn out, however, now might be the time for a replacement.
If you don't replace your old patio, you have to worry about someone possibly slipping and falling on the cracks and other imperfections. Plus, an older patio can be harder to clean and can look unsightly. If your old patio has multiple cracks or if it's crumbling, it might be time to have it removed completely.
If you hire a concrete cutting company, you can have your patio removed. Then, you can have a fresh, new patio installed in its place. This can be both more attractive and a whole lot safer than your existing patio.

2. Make it Less Slippery

If you have noticed that your concrete patio is slippery when it's wet, you could be worried about someone slipping and falling. You have a few options for making your concrete patio less slippery. One is to mix grit with sealant and apply it on top of the surface or add non-slip tape. There are DIY options that you can try, or you can work with a concrete contractor.

3. Keep it Clean

A messy patio doesn't just look bad, but it can also be dangerous. Get in the habit of sweeping up limbs, leaves, and other debris to prevent anyone from tripping and falling. Don't forget about keeping your patio nice and clean during the winter months as well. If you and your family use your patio area as an entrance to your home when it's cold outside, make sure to keep the area shoveled.

4. Ensure It's Well-Lit

During the day, you might not have any problem seeing well when you're on your patio. However, if you ever host parties or dinners on the patio after dark, you have to worry about someone possibly tripping and falling because they can't see. Adding in ample lighting can help you prevent anyone from stumbling and falling while on the patio. Plus, decorative lights can add a great atmosphere to your patio.

5. Enclose Your Patio

Even though it might not be necessary if your children are older or if you rarely have children at your house, enclosing your patio could be a good idea if you have small kids in the home. After all, you probably do not want to have to worry about your small child toddling off and getting hurt. If this is the case, enclosing your patio with a fence or brick wall can be a nice way to keep your children safe.
Plus, as an added bonus, adding an enclosure around your patio can make it feel cozier. Installing a fence or wall around your patio is also a good way to enjoy a little more privacy, particularly if you have neighbors nearby, and to shield yourself and your guests from the elements.
Of course, trips, falls and other accidents can still happen, no matter how much you try to make your concrete patio safe. If you follow these tips, though, you can help decrease the chances of someone getting hurt. Then, you can enjoy hosting outdoor parties or enjoying summer dinners on the patio without having to worry as much.


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