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Four Concerns Every Business Owner Should Have About Their First Commercial Property

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As a business owner who is finally branching out from renting out a property to actually owning a location, you probably have a lot of concerns going through your mind. You're most likely delving into topics such as insurance, cost efficiency, and how it will affect your operations. Although those are concerns, here are four issues you should not overlook.

Is the Location a Prime Setting for Success?

You can't just pick any location to plant your business at and think that customers will come to you. You need a location that gives you exposure. According to Forbes, "Exposure instills the fear and urgency you need to deliver the right competitive solution."
Forbes also notes the importance of not building a startup in a super-hub. If you have a tech company, for example, then you probably shouldn't start a business in Silicon Valley right off the bat. Start somewhere where you will be able to capitalize on your audience and where you'll be able to be more local to them, yet be where the competition doesn't really have a presence.

Will Potential Clients Be Attracted to the Location?

Have you ever seen a really attractive building and wondered what goes on there? Perhaps it had big windows, vibrant colors on the outside, or a unique architectural structure. The big companies such as Google and Microsoft are known for having that type of curb appeal, and you should learn the value of that for your company as well.
Imagine standing in front of two companies that offer the same service. One is in a plain gray building with small windows, and the other has large windows that let light in and is decorated and inviting. It isn't hard to guess which one you might go into because you're attracted to it.
The same goes for your own business. Be unique and focus on attraction both inside and outside. Make sure that your business looks better than other businesses in the area.

Will There Be Enough Parking for Both Customers and Employees?

Not having enough parking can hurt your business. This is especially true if you live in a big city with not enough parking garages or side street parking. One solution to this problem is contracting with a local valet service. And although that's a great solution, it would be easier if you figured out your parking situation before you open for business.
First, come up with an estimation of how many employee parking spots you're going to need. Factor in room for growth as well. Then, run some numbers and estimate how many customers your business will be able to help at any given time. Add all of those numbers together and that's how many parking spots you will need.

Is It Handicap Accessible?

Although you may have to follow certain local codes to make sure that your business is handicap accessible, this is something that you should really take to heart. Otherwise, you'll be alienating any potential business that you may get from the disabled community.
If the building has multiple floors, one thing that you can do is to make sure that you have a commercial elevator shaft installed. If your building doesn’t already have one, you'll most likely need the help of concrete cutters, such as those from Capitol City Concrete Cutters LLC, and other professionals to make that happen.
Other things that you should consider doing include installing a stable concrete ramp leading to the front door (if the door is accessible by stairs), having wide doorways throughout the building, and making sure that there's never a raised part of any room (such as stages or stylistically raised rooms) that aren't accessible somehow by wheelchair.
Hopefully, the above information has made you realize just a few of the things that you should be concerned about as you transition to your first commercial property. With just a little bit of forethought, you'll be able to conquer any concern that comes your way.


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