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Slab Sawing in Watson, Louisiana

A man sawing a road

Meeting Your Demolition and Concrete Modification Needs

From bridge demolition to curb removal, our slab sawing services can help you complete your construction project. With our top-of-the-line equipment, our expert technicians can create straight-crack expansion joints as well as cut through and help remove sections of parking lots, bridge decks, floors, and pavements. No matter your slab sawing needs, Capitol City Concrete Cutters LLC has the tools to get the job done right.

The Right Saw for Your Project

We understand that every project is different; indoor concrete modifications require equipment that doesn’t require the ventilation allowed by outdoor projects. That’s why we have both diesel and electric slab saws. Our saws can cut through a variety of materials, including asphalt roads, elevated slabs, and green concrete. No matter the specific details and requirements of your project, we have the proper tools to accomplish your goals.

Easy Cleanup

Because slab saws cut horizontally through concrete surfaces, they create less dust and debris by using water than jackhammers and other tools do. With less leftover rubble, our slab sawing services make the cleanup and removal of your concrete and asphalt areas easy and hassle-free.  We also provide water control clean up to make sure we leave the jobsite clean. 

Experience You Can Trust

With over 10 years in the concrete cutting industry, Capitol City Concrete Cutters LLC has the trained staff and professional equipment you can rely on for your construction needs. Whether you are repairing or altering the concrete in your business’s storeroom or repairing a parking lot, we will provide the cost-effective, superior sawing service you need to successfully complete your project.

Contact Us Today

If you are patching a highway, creating expansion joints, or modifying underground utilities, our experienced team will help you meet your goals. Call our office today to learn more about our slab sawing services and to request a free quote. Our friendly staff will gladly work with you to answer your questions and schedule your service.